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im new to auctiva. i thought id give it a shot. i really like what it has to offer, however i cant handle having to wait several hours for my sales and listings to show. this bugs the daylights out of me. you may think im being impatient, and maybe i am. but i sell information such as ebooks, html, guides etc. my users expect instant purchase, and for me to wait several hours before my sales hit just isnt working for me.

how do you guys manage this lag in time ?

i mean, i posted questions here on the boards a day ago and still havnt gotten any replies.
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I haven't noticed any lag time in my listings, other than on the Active Listings page. I us the scheduling feature for my listings, and they go up right on time... You might need to submit a help ticket to the support staff, but I'd wait and see if anyone else responds to your post to see if it's a common problem for other folks.

I've been really impresses with Auctiva so far, and I hope your situation gets straightened out soon. Good luck!

I believe loco is referring to the time period lag that occurs when Auctiva acknowledges that there has been a SALE (or a bid, even), not when an item gets posted up to ebay.

Sometimes Auctiva doesn't register my sales for a WEEK or TWO afterward. It gets hard to deal with, as loco says. You can speed up this time lag by asking Auctiva support to look at it, but if I did that for every sale that's all I would be doing Frown
yes dmhcollectibles.....thats exactly what im talking about.

im finding that for my digital delivery items, i will continue to use ebay to list and relist. now, i will use auctive for shippable items because of the image hosting.

also, i like the store window at the bottom of my auctions.

other than that, i beleive auctive needs to seriously speed up !

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