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I'm just coming to grips with all this. I have done a few listings, think I understand the basics now. At some point I would like to learn some HTML so that I can customise my listings, but one step at a time.

I would like to sell a bundle of baby clothes and have about 12 pictures. Instead of writing out a text list of descriptions for each photo, separate from the photos themselves, I would like to be able to put some text underneath each photo. Can someone tell me how to do this please?

Thanks very much,
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Hi LindaLou the easiest way to do this is by using the "insert an auctiva hosted image" button located on the design editor directly beside user links.Make sure that you resize your pictures to 700 by 525 if you are using a template as anything much larger distorts the template and creates a listing that needs to be scrolled sideways to read.I have included 2 links to a website I found very useful in my beginning days of HTML. The site does have alot of advertising now. (I used it in 1999) but I did look at the tutorials and they are still very good
The link below is for an interactive HTML tutorial.
Steve Smile
Thanks for your help Steve, but I think I need you to talk a bit more basic for me (sorry). What is the design editor? I went to Create a Listing but can't find the things you described there. Tried looking elsewhere but I have to confess I'm lost. If you can direct me, I will experiment with a picture that I have re-sized according to your instructions.

Hi LindaLou - If I could just jump in here, I believe I can refer you to a thread that will be just what you need: Wink

PS - The description box on the one page lister has 2 modes selected by links at the top of the box: 'text mode' and 'design editor' mode. Design editor mode is the default and is the normal mode for creating your description. Text mode is for working with HTML (advanced users).
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Thank you both. I have printed out that thread and will see what I can manage; will come back if I still have questions.

I am finding that on eBay and Auctiva, things that you'd expect to be straightforward are often perplexingly roundabout. I look forward to just being able to do my own stuff with HTML. Will check out those links Steve.

Thanks again,

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