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Anyone else getting this error today?

We're having trouble showing buyers the gallery photo you added when you listed this item. We need you to revise your listing to fix this problem.

Here are a few ways to do it:
Add more photos and select one of them as the gallery photo
If your listing already has more than one photo, you can select a different one as the gallery photo

that's the email I got from ALL the listings i did this morning listing with auctiva. I got annoyed so I stopped. Each listings has at least 3 pictures all of which are hosted here. I had to just resave them to my computer and upload them to ebay to get them to work Frown (This was about 2 hours ago) Going to try to list some more and we shall see what happened. hopefully it's fixed because it is really making listing go a lot slower.
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Hello BeOurGuests -

I am sorry to hear that you have been having difficulties with the gallery image on eBay. Please note that the Gallery and Header images are the same image for most eBay properties, and if your Header image is showing on the listing, that is typically a good indicator that we sent your image along to eBay appropriately. It is possible there was some difficulty on the eBay side as we are not aware of any issues on our end that would indicate a problem such as you have described.

If the difficulty persists for you, please feel free to provide a few examples of where this occurs for you in a support case and we'll be happy to look into it further.

- Craig

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