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Hi all,
I have an ACTIVE auction and I'd like to change the gallery pic to one of my other pictures (never done this before!) I thought I followed the instructions, but all I got was the box with the little red x so I cancelled the revision.

I can usually figure this stuff out, but I'm not sure on this. Can anyone tell me how to do it?

Appreciate it!!!!
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Hi member_8800,

You can change your gallery image via the following process:

1) Log into your eBay account and click on "My eBay"
2) Click on the item for which you'd like to change the gallery image.
3) Right click on the image you'd like to make your gallery image and click "Properties"
4) Copy the image begins with "http://..."
5) Click "Revise Your Item"
6) Click "Edit Pictures"
7) In the "Gallery Image URL” field, paste the copied URL over the existing one and save your changes.


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