I am trying to update my custom templates to fit ebays new policies. With the old customize templates tool I could take an existing template and change pretty much anything I wanted including the background and boarder images. With the new templates I cant seem to change the background or boarders.Is there a way to customize the templates beyond just the layout of existing templates?
Specifically can I insert my own background and boarder images and if so how?
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Hello passagesoftime -

the current templates are CSS based, so changing the elements in the templates is not possible in the way that it was with the older templates, which were HTML based. We made the changes to the available templates to comply with the changes in eBay policy over the last year. So, generally speaking, you would not be able to make the kind of changes you refer to with our current templates.

However, if you wish, you can either create or input a wholly custom template into the editor and utilize that for your listings. Please keep in mind that any element you may wish to use in a template will need to comply with eBay's current policies regarding active content and mobile friendliness.

- Craig

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