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In my last response from support I was told that if I want the ¢ behind a figure in the Title box to use the Full Size Editor. Type my title in that box and then cut and paste it in the title box. That did not work.

Same error came back saying Title not specific or something like that.

Anyone know any solutions and if not I will file another support ticket
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I think this is one problem they can't solve and like they said in the earlier thread that if there are not enough people who use it then it does not become a priority issue with support.

The solution they told me did not work for me so if I need a special character in my title then I just use InkFrog to list that item as it is not a problem with them.
I think I solved the problem. The ¢ character I use is alt+0162. However when it is put in the title box I believe it takes Auctiva html code which is 95¢. So if there is not enough spaces for 95¢ it will come back as Specific Title Invalid.

Testing my theory I left room for their code and it went through!!

Maybe I should be called Auctiva Al Big Grin
NEVER MIND on last thread. I thought I had the solution as it looks like it works here on Auctiva but when it transfers over to ebay it actually puts the hmtl code in the title so instead of being 95¢ it said 95¢. So I had to do more revisions over there. Like I said last night back to InkFrog for the time being for any special characters I need.

I am clearing out about 400 cds and I got the starting bids at 95¢ which I wanted in the title for buyers to see. But Auctiva doesn't accept it in the title box.

However it will work in the description box by clicking on the character icon. You also can not copy and paste it to the title box neither from the description box. If you put down 95 and then click the character map for the ¢ symbol it will work in the description box but no where else

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