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I am really proud of these lamps that I have started doing. Tell me what you think. Do you think they are creative enough to sell?
Vintage Blender turned into a lamp:
Birdfeeder Night Light
Also my mom made this dance flower arrangement. I think it is really cute.
I havent done well on etsy yet. Do you think it is because the sight is slow? Or is my stuff just appealing to me? Be honest.
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OH, I like the blender light, that would be a cool light for a home bar, or even a kitchen night light with a low watage bulb.

I like the birdfeeder one too, (my dad is huge on birdfeeders) however found the little birdies to frilly.

I think if you got the right day and time, the lights could do good on ebay, certainly think you could get what your asking for them on etsy.

I also think your items are great, I believe etsy is still fairly new or recently updated so its bound to be slow. Ebays slow so most others are going to be too.
I really like the blender light. I think alot of people are into retro barware and it would look cool on a bar. I have a collection I am saving for when I ever get my basement done and do a bar down there. The price seems reasonable too.

I think etsy is pretty slow too. I have seen a few sellers who seem to be doing well, and I am guessing that they do a fair amount of marketing for themselves. They do have very nice items, that probably wouldn't go for a decent price on ebay. Hopefully time and word of mouth will get alot more buyers to etsy, but it is a different market. Art is pretty hard to sell, and there are so many talented artists out there.

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