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Hi Community -

We are happy to announce new features to enhance your Auctiva/eBay experience!


You have been enjoying bulk relisting - now you can save even more time by putting all your relisting preferences into an Auto-Relisting profile. Once set, items using an Auto-Relist profile will automatically relist on eBay based on your preferences.

Auto-Relisting makes it that much easier to save time and money on eBay!

You can find Auto-Relisting on the Profiles tab.


Let's get one thing straight right from the start: Auctiva is still free!

That being said, we are proud to introduce our new billing system that makes it even easier for you to offer Auctiva Shipping Insurance to your customers and easily purchase tools that enhance your selling experience, like a custom template!

You can choose to receive monthly statements or you can put a credit card on file and enable auto-payments.

Remember, billing only applies when you use specific, elective features with associated charges like shipping insurance, custom design, etc.

Consignment Auto-Email

As a courtesy, we automatically send an email to your consignors to let them know when a consigned item posts to eBay. It makes keeping in touch with your consignors a breeze! We provide a default email template or you can customize your own.

Education Tab

We are really excited to offer Auctiva Education! The Education section is aimed at helping our visitors and customers become more effective at selling online. Look here first for industry news, helpful how-tos and useful seller tips.

In addition we are launching an e-newsletter, "The Online Seller," that will keep you up-to-date on important developments in the Education section and within the e-commerce community.

We even have a place right here in the community to discuss topics from different articles with fellow forum members.

Happy Listing!
Auctiva Staff
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