Is anyone else seeing "see full item description" button on their listings? This is not good. Has something to do with non-compliant HTTP. I have no outside links on my auction pages, that I know of anyway. Now what? I just did an advanced search for "Auctiva" to check the new listings, some are "normal" but many have the see full item description button. After you click on the button, you get your classic view. I don't get it. Buyers don't read stuff now, they're not gonna take an additional step to "read more"! This is hurting sales.
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It seems ALL of my listings made here are getting flagged up by eBay.
When I check any using the eBay 'revise' option I get the following message
"We found non-secure HTTP content in your listing. Browsers display a not secure message on pages that contains HTTP resources. For a secure buyer experience, you must update your content."
When I use the 'eBay checker, all 3 options show as OK"
But it appears that Auctiva links are "non secure".........

Can anyone from Auctiva help ???
Our team is here to help! Please feel free to open a support case and we can help.
All of the Auctiva links are secured, and have been updated even for GTC listings (where the listings meets eBay's revise criteria, in some cases the eBay does not allow Auctiva to revise an active listing for a number of different reasons).

In quickly look at one of your listings (, it looks like you were at one point using a tool called "Parcel2Go" which has inserted not only an insecure image (, but also an offsite link ( which is also against ebay policy. See image below:

You can use the Auctiva bulk revise tool, and revise your description to replace the text of the image and link "Parcel2Go" has inserted into your listigns, with and empty space (i.e. blank or nothing)
You beat me to it.....
I was looking into this and found the same logo - although it does not visually show in my listings it is in the html text.
I am now checking them all.....

Thank you Greg for your very fast response. I've start to delete that entire html section template and listings

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