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I usually use a saved profile to startoff my listings but recently the checkout fields which i have prefilled with my details are not showing up when i use master profile which has all fields filled in. Sometimes it will load sometimes it won't but when i load just the checkout field alone it will load correctly.Not sure if it is new updates or what since it was working fine a few days ago. Also the details section for gallery use to be 1st pic selected but now it does not automatically say which pic i want to use for gallery in profile. Minor problems but just a little irritating if i forget to load it manually. going to try and make a new master profile to see if it fixes problem. thank you.
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While you are on this topic, I have a question about profiles and the listing process.

I have all my profiles set up and made them all into one as MASTER Profile.

Now, when I start a new auction I click on upload master profile and it automatically uploads all of my profiles at once.

Here is the problem, sometimes I forget to upload the master profile BEFORE starting my description. Then when I realise that I need to attach the profiles to the auction ALL of my description disappears.

Very frustrating if you have just spent 30 mins trying to describe something.

Is this a bug in the system ? or do I have to just remember to attach the master profile before starting the auction.
I just submitted this ticket

I am listing some items right now and 2 things are not working correct. I have a check out profile that I have saved for every master profile when I open a master profile the check out profile is not loading. I have to load it manually. It shows in the drop down box the correct profile for the check out but on the left it says

My next problem is I am uploading images straight to the listings and the images upload but they are not going into the listing. I have to find them in the folder I loaded them to and add them manually.

Not a big deal but these are 2 things that realy make me like Auctiva so much and I thought you guys should know they are not working correctly.

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