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I created my first page today using Auctiva. It was a little hard to use the text editor at first but once I figured it out it was OK. One problem is that sometimes when you click down to make a new paragraph, the font returns to what I guess is the default and it's really a pill to get it to continue on with the font type/color/size you had in the prior paragraph. Another issue is that in the shipping area, there is no option for media mail shipping. People who buy books and such are not going to want to pay full pop for shipping unless they want the item in a hurry. That really needs to be changed..and btw is an option in Turbo Lister and from the EBAY listing page. Wink
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I see media mail as the 4th option in the list for domestic shipping options.

It starts with:

- Select -
US Postal Service Priority Mail
US Postal Service Express Mail
US Postal Service Parcel Post
US Postal Service Media Mail

I don't have any suggestions about how to keep the font the same in the editor. Perhaps some users that have listed a lot more items than I have know of some tricks up in our Listing section of the community.

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