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Hi Scott,

If you open your listing back up, right under the title section you'll see the section for selecting your ebay categories for an auction; if you have an ebay store, below that there will be drop-downs for you to select your store category as well (if you don't have a store, they will not be available to you).

Also, I think that if you don't choose a category, the system won't let you post you may want to go back and check to see that maybe you did pick a category, but perhaps not the one you inteded.

Good luck Smile
Are you meaning a 'subcategory' past cd's (like country, rock, etc etc)?

Yeah, I've noticed that on some categories that I have posted directly on ebay have more "options" but when you do the same kind of listing here, those "options" (or subcategories) aren't available...

Perhaps start a ticket with tech support and see what they say...

Good luck...and let me know what they say Wink

Best regards,
Hi Scottg,

Once you have updated your store categories, there should be 2 pulldown menus on the Auctiva lister page, directly below the category field, from which you can specify up to 2 custom eBay store categories for each listing.

If you are still unable to locate these, please file a support request using the appropriate link on our help page:


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