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Thanks so much Chrystal.
Would you mind...I prefer my pictures to be original sized. They are usually 550x730 thats why the ones in your test look blurry. I am wary of adjusting the code myself Frown
Also, the Designers had built in several custom fields, measurements and model size...can that be put somewhere that I can change it with each item?
Or is there a Custom Tag tag that Auctiva has.
Thanks again!

The image size specifications have been removed. Your large picture will display in actual size.

For your custom fields...
If it is specific info to one listing it would be best to just add it in the description field when you create the listing.

If it is info that will be used in multiple listings then you could use any of our seller details tags (contact us, about us, payment, etc.) and then enter & save your information in a seller details profile.

I hope this helps!
No worries Chrystal...thanks for fixing the pictures issue. Just one more little favor Smile

I need the section "Description" "Measurements" and "Model Info" in the section that I can edit.
You did put something there (thx!) but it is my old text and I would prefer the new text in that spot.
I have tried unsuccessfully to find the code for this section..otherwise I would have done it.
Thanks soooo much!

In the template I put the {DESCRIPTION} tag. That allows you to enter your desired content in the description area of our Lister when you are creating your listing.

I just applied the new template to an old listing. So you should be able to grab your new description text and paste it into the description area of our Lister when you create the listing.

I hope this was helpful.

Urgh...I can't seem to figure out how to do that. I tried to find it in the code in the "custom template" tab and can't seem to grab it.

It is gray and has the title "description" "measurements" and "model info". That all needs to go in the section that I can edit. And it needs to be deleted from the custom template.

I hope this is making sense....I wish I knew more about coding!!!

Hi Tina,

I did the best I could with your code. The template to use is...ACT_Chrystals New Template 3.

I did not test it in different browsers, just Firefox. If you find that you are having issues with the template breaking in different browsers then I would suggest going back to your designer and having him or her edit the code both in the template and in the description. It is possible that there are unclosed tags in the template.


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