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Okay I finally found one of your listings with it and yes, I believe it is tied to your Sellathon counter. I still use the Sellathon counter but not the service and so my link to my "popular items" leads to no where. I think to get rid of this line you will have to get rid of the Sellathon counter. I may be wrong and maybe someone else will come along to shed some light on this one.

Yep, what Marcia said.

The only way to get rid of that text is to subscribe to Sellathon, and then put a hidden counter in your listings.

I wouldn't let those words bug me. What I would change on your listings is the position of the scrolling store.

It is known that some buyers are put off by it(scrolling store) being the first thing at the top. They would rather see the product they clicked on first, not what else you've got for sale.

Place the scrolling store at the end of your listings, it makes for a faster load time also.

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