I sent two messages to "Help" last evening....yes, I made sure I submitted it them Neither of them have shown up in my eMail or on my list of help requests so I really need help here.

While searching through my images for a listing I was preparing, I attempted to delete one of the images. With one click, followed by a short message that I didn't understand but which didn't appear to be threatening (not the one that asks if I am sure I want to delete image?) The result was that EVERY SINGLE image, thousands of them, in my Auctiva account.....everywhere that I could think of to look.... jhave disappeared.

What is even worse is that when I uploaded more photos from my desktop and RECEIVED confirmation that they had been sucessfully downloaded, I still had no images anywhere. I tried at least three different times.

I am no expert on Auctiva but have been using it for over a year and have not ever had trouble getting my photos downloaded. Maybe they are hidden somewhere. Please help.

Thanks for any help and God bless any helper,
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If you go to the Images tab, View Deleted Images link, are the missing (Deleted) images there? If so, they can be Restored on that page.

Hope that helps.

Not sure why new uploaded images aren't appearing. However, are you making sure to check "All Folders" for viewing your image library?

Hello and thanks so much for your response.

The deleted images folder tells me there are no deleted images. Yes, I looked in all folders.
I appreciate your efforts.

Thanks and God bless
I would try once more to file a Support Request with Auctiva, as they obvioulsy need to see what's happened.


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