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Yesterday I converted 54 Auction style listings to Fixed Price. I noticed that when they were in the scheduled listings folder (prior to them posting) they still showed as auction style even though the system accepted 30 day duration.

Auctiva accepted the 30 day duration because when I was scheduling I converted them to fixed.

All 54 failed. Anybody else or is it just me?

itsjustme or is it?

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Hi itsjustme,

Thanks for helping to bring this issue to our attention. I have not personally seen any other reports of this behavior yet, but I did receive the support case you filed about this behavior a little while ago and have forwarded it over to our engineering team for further investigation.

I'll follow up with you through your case to let you know when some additional information on what may have caused that to happen becomes available. In the mean time, please feel free to update the case if you have anything else to add.


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