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since the 14th april i have had no closed unsold items imort to my closed file in my auctiva acount sold ones seam to come across is there a way i could pull them across form a certain date as i want to send them to the ecommerce storee i have set up

( they were coming across ok on the 13th up untill 23.59 UK time then stoped when it got to 00:00 i now have 250 listing i need to get accross some how )

any ideas would be greatfull
many thanks phil
ps the ebay token seams to be vaild
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I see support sent you an email at 0922 pacific time this morning responding to your case so you should be receiving that soon if you have not already. You can check the status of your case at the page found at this link.

We are having a slowdown with the task I mentioned that pulls the listings over to Auctiva from eBay. Our technical folks are working on resolving that now, and hope to have everything running normally shortly.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

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