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I am trying to relist several items that did not sell. When I click onto edit/relist, it brings up a blank page as if I was starting all over again trying to list an item. How in the world do I get in and relist unsold items nowadays? It used to be soooo simple. Everything looks as though it's changed on this page. I'm completely in dark here and need some help. Thanks
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Hi MarleneM,

Thanks for helping to bring this issue to our attention.

Based on what you have described, it sounds like you must have clicked the “Edit and Relist” buttons for items that were not posted through Auctiva and is therefore are not linked to saved listings within your account. Assuming that is the case, a message like the following should be displayed at the top of the blank listing editor page:

The ad posted for item ________ is no longer available and may not be edited here.
It may be relisted from the closed listings page.

Also, if you were to look up the same item on the old version of the Closed Listings page (which can still be accessed using the “View original version of this page" link at the bottom of the new one), you should notice that only a “Relist” (not “Edit and Relist”) link is displayed next to the item which leads to the same interface as the “Bulk Relist” option.

We are aware that this change in behavior has caused some confusion for our users and are working to make the new version of the Closed Listings page to function more like the old one in this regard.

However, for the time being, you should still be able to relist the item from the new version of the Closed Listings page, and get all the same options the old version has to offer, by using the “Bulk Relist” option that is displayed along the top of the page.

I see that you filed a support case about this issue as well and were already provided with these details, but I figured I would update this thread for the sake of anyone else who may encounter similar difficulties. In any event, I hope all is clear now!


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