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Hi all! I'm trying to track down any coin experts. I know there are one or two out there Smile
I've recently inherited a number of coins...and I know NOTHING about them. They could be very valuable...or they could be counterfeits. I really wouldn't know the difference. I'd rather pick the brain of an actual expert here than try to wade through all the muck out there in cyberspace.
If you have a good knowledge of old coins and are willing to field some dumb questions and look at some scans please hit me up.
Thank you in advance!
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The coin forum on ebay is excellent. They all gave me great advice and it paid off. I sold a decent size collection last year on ebay and did so much better than I expected. Word of advice tho', Ebay pretty much sets the standard on prices nowdays, and I learned after I sold some offline that I would have done better if I had not been so nervous about ebay fees. I did a fair amount of research and built a spreadsheet, then started on the low end, but came out closer to the high side. Hope this helps.

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