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I'm hoping I can get some help. Searching has produced nothing.
I have xp pro. Firefox and IE7. When I try to edit a standard supplied template and change bg or text colors, the pallet just show a bunch of empty boxes. I have no way of knowing what color I'm going to get or whether anything is checked because the checkmarks are not showing up either.
I clicked one on a practice template and previewed it. Got just black text on white no matter what "color" box I've (hopefully) checked.
On Firefox, the tool icons in the editor window are also blank boxes with no icons in them, although the "tooltips" work o.k. IE7 does not have this problem.
I use no popup blockers and Java is enabled on both browsers. All the other functions on the editing page seem to work o.k. (text style, sized, etc.) I just can't seem to change any text or background colors.
This is driving me nuts. Do I have to wait until my listings show up on ebay to see what they're "really" going to look like?
Could this be an issue with the version of Java I'm using?
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Thanks for responding so quick.
Unfortunately, that's what I've been doing. I've just selected (I think, since I get no feedback from the pallet) a random box from the pallet after highlighting the text. Then I save the listing, then preview it. Still always comes up with a white bg and black text. Same thing happens if I preview a listing without saving it.

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