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Welcome to the Auctiva Education forum. We've added an Education tab on our site, which hosts how-to articles covering best-practice techniques for using eBay and other online auction and e-commerce platforms; exclusive "from the trenches" editorials by renowned eBay experts; and analysis of e-commerce news, trends and events. Use this forum to send Auctiva editors topics you’d like to see us cover, and suggestions to improve the Education tab or our Online Seller newsletter.
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Jeff and Auctiva Team, I've been around for several years now and I have been away for about 6 months due to a major move to another state. Soon i will be back and running with ebay selling. What I wanted to say here is that you have impressed me with the growth of your site and I espeically welcome the newletter I received introduction to in an email yesterday. I find it informative and a great help to me as a member of the site and a seller. Thank you for your hard work and everything you have to offer your users. You are doing a great job here and a top-notch service to sellers as myself. KUDOS to each of your staff members, too. (You mentioned having job opportunities. Where do i learn more about this?)
If your going to send a newsletter, try sending one with real information rather than the regurgitated eBay propoganda. eBay has destroyed the community that once made it great. It has destroyed the good will it once had with buyers and sellers. Its stock price is falling. You must get paid well by eBay to try and make them look good. Lets see some balance!
I enjoy your newsletter (certainly disagree with fulcan about it being propaganda) and very much appreciate Auctiva, which I use as my only listing tool.

I did want to comment, however, on your article about shipping insurance. I realize that you are selling insurance (and assume that this is one of the main ways Auctiva makes money).

However, even a semi-objective article about shipping insurance should mention U-Pic ( and DSI ( as other providers of third-party insurance with excellent rates.
Okay all, I discovered something and I am TOTALLY happy with this site and its offerings. Just a wee bit of thought and you can have customization. Go to my website, click on any of the featured and see what I mean.

The Maine Spot

I would like feedback in regards to this. I am NO computer wizard but do have a little creativity and saw the potential. I welcome any comments but just remember, not being a computer wizard, I am still working on the old site.
Finally got the shipping figured out and it works for Canada and all of the US. I sure don't know about worldwide though. So, if someone would be kind enough from outside of North America to give it a try, I sure would appreciate it. When you put something in the cart, a shipping calculator comes up on the right hand side. Would appreciate any feedback on that at

The Maine Spot
I have been trying to read the newsletter sent to me and have been unable because the links don't work, (this may be do to the site problems lately), but it would be nice if the newsletter was posted here at the home site too, although this may still not fix the problem I am experiencing.

Thanks everyone for your posts here. Big Grin

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