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I recently opened an account with you and I had a question, I phoned you and left a message, I faxed you and i e-mailed you.

To start off it is damn near impossible to find this spot where to contact you. The question i had was a fairly simple one and eventhough it does say in my profile that the case is closed I have yet to get a response from you. Now here's the situation my Paypal fees last month were Approx. 1900 USD this is not the money i collected through Paypal but these are the fees i paid Paypal so i do sell a few items on eBay, now here is my question to you, if i don't get a response from you and you are hiding behind a keyboard then could you tell me why in God's green acre i should use your services. At least when i have a problem with paypal or eBay i can call and get an answer, maybe not always a satisfactory one but an answer non the less, if i already have a problem starting a service with you what is going to happen in the future when there is a real problem ? and a solution within 48 hours is not an acceptable situation. I sell on eBay under 7 ID's and certainly don't need anymore problems if you get my drift.

I sent the above as a question and it took me about 15 minutes to find the question back in my profile. Not a very user friendly site ..... mind you, that's just my feebles mind opnion.
Yours truly
Wil Heeren
Original Post

I read your above post about 5 times, and I still don't see what you are asking. I looked at your support case, and again.. we can't really figure out what your question is. I 'think' you are asking why you should use us. If so, that answer is easy:

"We provide selling solutions for eBay seller's. You can save money listing through Auctiva by taking advantage of our free cross promoting store window, free unlimited image hosting, free templates, free scheduling, free supersized images, integrated checkout, and more. You can also put up to 16 images in each listing through Auctiva without being assessed any additional image fees by eBay."

If you have specific issues or a question, please file a support request, via:
Help -> File a Support Request

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