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1. Can you only be logged onto Auctiva Community with one browser at a time?
I ask because I like to have one open for working with images, and drag and drop likes/uses IE, but I like to read here and do other stuff with FF.
2. IF the answer to #1 is you can be logged onto the Community with two browswers at one time, what would prevent me from logging in here using FF?

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Hi N

1) multiple browser windows no problem just don't try and edit the same listing in two windows things may get confused.

2) any combination of FF and IE6 works for me Smile

I and others have found FF much faster to use with Auctiva's online listing edit/creation tools than IE6, IE7 don't know. (O/S = XP)

Also the community boards and the editing are on two different sites so if the main site (listing etc) is down for maintenance this one the eve-community site seems to always be up. Cool
Hmmm.....Ok... so I guess I have to tweak FF. It just won't let me log into the Community.
Yeah, I like to work with FF over IE....however, since I have so many pics I'm managing, I have almost 60 listings going and some of them didn't make the move so well, I am using drag and drop to add pics to Auctiva Images. And that requires IE.
That's part of why I wanted to be able to come read here when I take a break....see whasup! And what I can learn Smile
OK, I just thought maybe only one log on into the Community was allowed. I can use two on the Auctiva site, but now in here..... Frown

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