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Was wondering if some kind person could take the time to try to help me understand how folders work when managing images. I have organized my photos into different folders without a problem, and I have color-coded them, which I think is really cool, but they seem to show up in multiple folders. For example, if I move them into a folder to organize and color code they still seem to be showing up elsewhere as well. Also I have deleted some, but they are still there despite the message that says they were successfully deleted.

It may be that I am just being dense about the pull down menu for organizing folders. On the pull down menu of folder names, there is a choice of "No folder" or "Any folder" and "All Folders" plus all the folders I created. I don't see a "Deleted Images" folder that is supposed to be holding my deleted images.

Anyway, in trying to get organized, I seem to be getting more confused. Any help?

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I don't see a "Deleted Images" folder that is supposed to be holding my deleted images.

That one I can immediately help with. You'll find a "View Deleted Images" link on the main Images tab page (lower left).

I too have seen a few odd problems of late in moving and deleting images. I thought it was either old age or Ghosts in the System. I uploaded 33 images for a test a few hours ago and deleted all 33. When I went back to check, two suddenly reappeared.

However, that doesn't break the record by a long shot. I deleted this image from my library several years ago, and it's still hanging around as a thumbnail, etc. even thought it's NOT in my library. Eek

Thanks, Danno - It's nice to know that an expert at this such as yourself has experienced some weirdness too. Glad I'm not alone. I appreciate your reply and hopefully there can be some clean up of these glitches on the site soon. Appreciate your time and clarification on viewing the deleted folder - sorta deleted .....


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