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I have no real concerns with Auctive except for the constant signing in! Sometimes it times out in only 10 min or so. Very frustrating when all the work I've just done gets lost!
Isn't there a way to have a universal session time? Not 2 hours one day & 10 minutes the next day. Never know when I'm about to get kicked out!! Or just plain unlimited sessions til one signs out would be even better. Lots of us spend hours at a time on this site.....
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OK...this has been strange (in a very GOOD way)
I don't know how, but I have now been logged in for ONE WEEK!! I've done listings, closed browser, turned off computer, etc etc and I am not getting kicked out. I go to the Auctive site and it says the usual 'you are logged in' blah blah. This is GREAT!! Smile The only thing I have to sign in for is message boards.
Now I'm afraid to log off, I may never get back in, LOL!!!
And, BTW the remember button didn't help me either at the time.

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