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I have two Auctiva accounts and two different eBay selling accounts. I wonder if you could create a way to copy all of my "saved listings" and photos from one account to the second one.

I sell graded coins and sometimes I have 20 or more of the same type of coins. I would like to be able to post some of them on each eBay site. If I have 30 or more different types of coin and 20 of each type (600 coins), I would have to create 30 listings on one auctiva account and then create 30 more on the second auctiva account. I do not have time to do this. I now only sell a small amount of items on my second eBay site and I have a free auctiva account. I just do not have time to create the same listings on 2 auctiva accounts.

This would benefit auctiva becouse I would have 2 accounts I pay for, not just one
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Hello All -

Unfortunately, there is no way to transfer images or listing data between Auctiva accounts. If you have more than one account and wish to post the same items from any of them, you would need to recreate the listings in each account. You can use the images from one account in another by switching to external hosting for your image selection in the account that does not have the images in it and use the URLs for the images you wish to use from the Image Management page of the account with the images in it.

I can certainly understand your desire to be able to do this and have forwarded this suggestion in the form of a feature request on to our Product Management team for their consideration in a future site update.

- Craig

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