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Hi guy's,

this is my first post and I could do with a little help.

I have managed to get my head round most of the site (great tool and thanx to developers btw), but I can't see a way to achieve 1 thing. Is there a way of copying listings that i have in my saved listing.

I have a lot of listings that i list for 5 & 10 days and, if possible i would like to just copy all of them and then bulk edit the copies. As i schedule a lot it means that i can't just bulk edit the original listing.

Don't know if i'm missing something obvious or if it isn't something that can be done.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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thanks a lot for your reply but because of the number of items that I want to copy ( up to about 40 at a time ) I was looking for a quicker way.

Waiting for the listing to load and saving for each listing can be quite time consuming. Obviously if that is the only way then I will carry on doing it that way but I was hoping for another way. Perhaps there isn't.

Hi bubba,

Auctiva does not currently provide any functionality specifically designed for making copies of saved listings that are already present within your account so, unfortunately, making thee copies in bulk will not be a possibility.

The easiest way to make these copies would probably be to open each listing you'd like to copy, either by clicking the title of the listing on your Saved Listings page or using the "Create Similar" option, and then clicking the "Save as New" button.

Any additional questions or concerns? Please file a support request using the appropriate link on our help page:


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