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Seemingly, I somehow missed the new complication with the number of images having to be selected for all of them to show up in the listing. So now I have hundreds of listings which I need to fix.

So I went in a fixed up all my templates to show 24 pictures.

when I check, some listings seem to be showing the pictures and some don't, even when using my new master profiles.

what is the solution to this, other than individually check each listing? Seems like this wasn't an issue in the past until these new templates came along.
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Hello tita -

Please be aware that the template selector requires you to select the number of images when you add a template if you have not added your images to the listing first. If you have created Item Details profiles, as it sounds like you have, and added a template with 24 images selected, that should resolve any difficulty like this for your listings posted after the profiles have been updated (updating your profiles would not affect already active listings using them as they posted with the prior version of the profile).

If you have posted listings since making the change you describe and are still having difficulty with the images in those listings, please let us know in a support case which listings are encountering this issue so we can have a look into it for you.

For listings posted prior to the change you refer to, unfortunately, yes, to update the images in the listing you would need to edit them individually.

- Craig

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