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I have my template here on the practiceboard

What I am trying to do is this. I upload my pictures via auctiva. When I select my images they always appear at the very bottom of the page. I would like them to appear at the top, right about Description, side by side. Is this possible to do by still selecting them in Auctiva?
Thank you so much!
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To change the background color of the shipping and handling section you should just be able to switch out the hex color in quotes here: bgcolor="#91181d" to the color of your choice. Check out some HTML hex color options here if you aren't familiar with this notation:

About your description and images. I don't see anywhere in your template you are using the [DESCRIPTION_AND_IMAGES] tag? If you put this somewhere (probably directly under the Description header image) then you should be able to choose your image alignment and grouping as normal from the lister page.

Let me know if this helps Smile
Auctiva David

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