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Are you guys adding **** counters to my listings when sent to ebay to be listed. Every time I check a recent listing there is a section at the bottom of the auction saying that a **** counter has been added so I have to revise and delete that section as I don't want it there.

If you are doing that then tell me how to stop it or who do I contact to get you to stop it
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You HAD to have signed up with them at one time or another (maybe when they were still known as Andale??) You need a token, just like Auctiva..check in your 'my ebay' page under selling preferences, look at 3rd party authorizations and see what it says. You can always revoke it. it possible someone else has access to your ebay account? Spouse or family member?
Tokens expire after 18 months. So either they have your eBay userId and password and are not using the API to append the counter, or you created an account with them in the past 18 months and have a token. You can revoke your token authorization for them on eBay in your account settings area.

It must be from Andale because I see a listing of yours appended on May 17th 2007 by them.
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Hi Ricky;
A little late here but the answer to your question is that the "Sellathon Counter" is free. Their website advertises the pay for version, "View Tracker 3", not the free "Sellathon Counter" version.

That said I have a question about Sellathon Counter; This is my first time to list with Auctiva. I clicked on and chose the free Sellathon Counter (hidden version) for my first 3 listings.

I now have them listed on Ebay correctly and all seems well except I have no way of knowing or check to see if Sellathon counter is working.
Could someone please tell me how to tell if the Sellathon Counter is working of not?
All I see at the bottom of my listing is:

My listing at Ebay is as follows:

Thanks in advance.
Thanks for the compliment, member_8880
I'm sure beginners like me cause most the trouble on this forum becauce we newbys don't quite get the conventions.
I've since discovered that the hit data for Sellathon is exclusively on Auctiva's active listing page. Because I chose the private version it only shows the inactive icon on my site.

PS. do you use the pay version VT3?

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