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Does anyone here do crafts? My mother-in-law asked me to find some craft beads. She didn't specify a size, and I know there's a range of sizes. She doesn't want white - she wants colors like pink, blue, mint green, purple, etc., with the "pearlized" look to them, and 2 holes for crafting purposes. NOT pearls that are already on a string like a necklace.

Does anyone know of any retail stores that carry these, or a good seller on eBay?
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Is she looking for beads that look like pearls or is she looking for something else??? Pearlized could mean a lot of things. I do most of my purchasing through the local craft stores, such as JoAnn Etc. or Michaels. (Even Walmart sells beads.) I wait for sales. I buy specialized items, such as crystals, watch faces, and sterling online.

I would suggest going to a local craft store first, so that you can look at the items. If she finds something she really likes, then you can look around online and compare prices. Sometimes an item might appear cheaper online, but add in shipping, and its a wash.

With beads, texture is also important. I like to actually see and hold beads before purchasing. Pictures don't always do justice.
Yes, she's looking for beads that look like pearls, but not white ones; she wants colored ones.

I had assumed she checked the local Michaels before she asked me to check into this, yet when I called Michaels they told me they had them in 4 different colors. So hopefully they have what she wants there. Smile

She's in a nursing home and does crafts there, that's why she wants them.

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