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I wanted to create a custom button in my auction to give people the opportunity to watch my item which is more visible than the one ebay has. Does any one know how to do that during the auction creation process? I know I can edit it later, but it would not display where I first want it to. Please let me know if you have any code that enables someone to do this.
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I'm not sure that would be easy to automate. I belive that the Watch this Item link has the Item number in it...and it's really not possible to create a Link that requires the item number before you know the item number...

Making a button is simple enough, but the tough part (since you'll never know the answer) would be to program the button with the right information.

The same thing is true about "Contact the Seller". The item number is imbedded in that link and without it, you really cannot make a button for that action.

This is the code you want your link. Look at mine if that is what you are after and email me through my link at the bottom of listings if you need further help. Regards trades78

<a href="">Click
Here</a> to Watch My Item!!!<br>

You need to add your item numder instead of 000000000

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