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I was thinking of setting up a website to move items from ebay which did not sell and list them there and then at a given time send them back to ebay if they have not sold on my store. I have roughly 500 items on ebay at any given time so I need a program that can facilitate this process.

Any one doing something similar?

Appreciate suggestions
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Hi, what would your listings being doing whilst parked on your own website Confused

As I see this, you would need to write your listings on your own site so that they can be copied to Auctiva or eBay. You would need a working relationship with them like between Auctiva and eBay.

There will be a defined interface between source and destination and a business arrangement would need to be set up between you and whoever the listings were transferred to or from.

Then if people buy from your site you need a safe payment system, do we have a rival germinating here ?
I have items in my ebay store and on my website. If the single item sells at one location, then I have to delete it from the other quickly.

There are webhosts out there tho that have co-location setups with ebay auctions in mind. So that if the item sells on ebay, it is also made unavailable on the website as well or vice versa. You will have to shop around to find something like this. You can google this search string "Cheap co-location website" or "co-location website".

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