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Greeting to all, I am new to the Auctivia store, as I just set mine up Monday December 17, 2007. It shows the current auctions that I already had on ebay, but when I went to Auctivia and created 4 new, 30 day auctions and then tried to post them to Ebay, I get a "API error message You must be a store owner to list Store Inventory Fixed-price items". What am I doing wrong? Here is the ling to my store tht Auctivia provided. thanks for the help....
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Bugeatersteve (love that ID lol), you just need to change your listing format. It's at the top left on the create your listing page. Sounds like Store Inventory (or whatever it says) is checked. You just need to choose the correct one from the drop down menu there.

To clarify, Store Inventory and the others in the drop down menu pertain to your eBay account. It has nothing to do with your Auctiva store.

Floridafishingfool, you can do that, but you'll need to have your domain name transferred to a different web host.

Good luck and happy Holidays! Smile
Hi. On Auctiva. Now that it's up, I'll go see exactly where it is. brb lol

ugh it's going so slow. Good luck with getting anything done. Okay...
I was wrong, there's no drop down menu. lol It's at the very top just below the orange Create and eBay Listing - Sale Type. If Auction or Fixed is ticked and it's still giving you problems, I think you'll need Auctiva support's help.

Hope that's the problem and it works for ya! Smile

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