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Is there any way to create new listing from existing active listings? When I go to create a similar listing, all my active listing are not listed under saved listing, so that doesn't appear to be option.
I can't tell any other otions directly from the active listing screens. I know I can do this directly in ebay, but not sure how to in auctiva.
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Duncan. . I am hoping this helps, if not give a little more detail.

Are your saved listings over 30 days old. If so on the right side there is a little box that has drop down down showing 30, 60 90 and All. You would need to click one of those to find your older listings older than 30 days. Once you get the old listing, you can go to create listing and go from there.

Hope this is what you are asking.
Thanks for the quick reply.

But actually the listing I was trying to duplicate was just listed today. I guess the main reason is that my saved listings don't include all of my listings (including active.) Is there something special to do to get a new listing to be classified as saved? I figured that an active listing would be by default a saved listing. It is saved in that I can open & edit the active listing but I just can't fiqure how to copy or duplicate it.

Also I think I realized I posted this in wrong section - sorry. What would have been the better section?

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