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the problem I'm having is in my saved Auctiva template the CSS link is fine and the template looks fine. When I use Auctiva to push the listing to ebay, the CSS link is stripped out and my auction look like Cr@p. I wasn't sure if anyone else was having similiar issues.

After I post through auctiva I have to go into ebay and edit the listing. It's creating double the work.
Hi r5p,

This is a known issue with CSS and eBay. I have been dealing with it as well. For me it seemed to occur when I revised the listing in eBay. I have a couple things you can try...use a different browser to push your listing, put the CSS at the bottom of your html instead of the top, and if you are revising be sure to click the "save draft" button.

You can find more info here...
Use CSS as the search term.

Good luck. If you come to any good conclusions be sure to let me know and if you want me to take a look at you code, give me a link to your listing.

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