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Hello Community,

In my recent post concerning the site update we performed on September 28, I mentioned that we had developed a new CSV file(Comma Separated Value file)upload feature that was being beta tested by a small number of volunteers.

That phase of beta testing is complete, and so we have today enabled the CSV upload facility for use by all Auctiva users. You can access the feature by hovering your mouse over the 'Listings' entry on the navigation bar that heads up each page on the site. On the listings dropdown menu you will see Upload from file; click this and you will be linked to the CSV upload landing page.

As currently implemented, this feature will be most useful to Turbolister users. You can save your listings created in Turbolister to a CSV file, and you then can upload this file into Auctiva.

The uploaded listings will be stored as a saved listing in a folder that will have the same name as the file you upload. So for example if you uploaded a file called 'TurboLister12345.csv', all listings from that file will go into a folder named TurboLister12435. (Please note that our folder names can only be a max of 20 characters long).

Advanced users should note that is also possible to load a CSV file created by any program that can create a CSV file including Microsoft Excel or a text editor. We have included a sample CSV file that was created without using Turbolister to give a better idea of how this works. It is necessary to map the fields in the file to Auctiva Lister fields; these are mapped for you if you are a Turbolister user, but you will need to do the mapping yourself if you use another tool to create your upload file. Instructions are given on the CSV pages as to how to do this.

Technically, the CSV feature is still in beta test and we are looking for and open to your feedback about it. I will leave this thread open so that you can post your feedback about it here.

Please note: If you attempt to use the CSV upload function is failing to work for you, please contact Auctiva Support and file a support case.

Regarding 'Help' for the CSV upload, when on the pages you can click on the icon of a blue dot with a ‘?’ in it will bring up on-screen help. We will shortly be adding an FAQ on the Auctiva site for the CSV upload.

There are some known limitations of the CSV upload as of this release. You do not need to report these things as problems.

1. The payment method PaisaPay (supported by Turbolister) will not import into Auctiva,

2. No more than 500 listings or 5 megabytes can be imported at a time.

3. For listings created using Prefilled Product Information, Stock Photo will not be used.

4. Upload of listings with Custom Parts Compatibility is not supported for uploading. However, Pre-filled Product Parts Compatibility IS supported for uploading.

5. Upload of MultiVariation listings is not supported at the present time.

6. Gift Services are not imported.

7. Listing Icon not imported (unless it is the Gift Icon – this mainly affects eBay motors which is the only site with custom listing icons.)

8. Cross Border Trade not imported

9. Classified Ads not supported (Note: the Auctiva Lister page doesn't support classified ads, but Turbo Lister CAN export them)

10. eBay AU, UK, DE and CA listings are not fully supported in the CSV upload. Though you can upload listings from these sites, some site-specific information may not import properly (for example, VAT, some shipping services, etc.)
Auctiva Tony M. Sr. Product Manager,
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I have tried out the upload file tool,

I notice one minor bug.

while trying to upload from turbo lister (I am a user from ebay canada). The upload works, and then the listing gets moved to saved listings which is GREAT. However, while trying to post the item (onto ebay), it gives an error (citing item.currency invalid / empty).

Upon some testing, if you go into the actual listing, and don't change anything then press 'save' and post again, it works. But you will have to do this individually for each of the imported listing.

I assume the problem lies in the fact that for ebay Canada, the uploader does not set a currency while transforming the .csv record into the auctiva posting format.

I assume this wasn't a problem for us users as they only have one currency but for any foreign sites it is a problem. Thanks,
I must be missing something. Why would I go from Turbo Lister (or any other CSV file) to Auctiva and then upload? The only benefit I can see is that you would take the uploaded listings to Auctiva and then put templates on them or do other font editing to the copy. That saves no time as Auctiva is still painfully slow to edit compared to software designed by other auction sites that are not ebay so I can't mention them. ( For example I just did 50 auction listings one at a time in 35 minutes on another site). This seems like the old Mr Poster uploading to online Auctiva......

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