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Agreed. That's reaaly too bad. DOn't know why Yahoo never wants to make a run on Ebay. A business decision not to go after that segment I guess. Google might. But who knows, by then it will be too late. The more people know about Ebay, the more difficult for a new service to catch on - yes, even it's Google. Look at Overstock. You see a lot of their commercials but listings are just not there. Because why? Buyers check Ebay first for auctions. Therefore sellers are at Ebay. Sad reality but you've got tip your hat to Ebay. What a rock solid business they have built.
My mom and I have a few things at yahoo. It is slow, but we have sold a few things. The strange thing is that with what we have sold, the same person bought several things at once every time. Nobody has bought just one item that I can think of. Most things that have been sold have been sold at the buy it now price. Nothing we have sold has been very expensive. Teh only things we are putting on there are stuff that didnt sell on ebay.
This will be tricky with the way Auctiva has the "preview" set up but it can still be done.

Here's what to do:

Make your listing just like you would for ebay, then preview the listing, then right click to "view source" a new window pops up giving you the HTML for the listing.

Now the tricky part is removing the ebay stuff that Auctiva has in there but once you do it a few times you get to know where your own listing starts and stops fairly easy.

Take that HTML over to yahoo, bidville, TAM or wherever and past the it over there and your listing is done.

I know it sounds like a PITA but its actually really easy once you do it a few times Wink

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