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Good Question Kragskov,

The answer is that it depends on what part of the template you are trying to change the color scheme in. If the color is inside of an image then the answer is no. All images are property of Auctiva and in order for those images to be manipulated we would have to do this. You may fill in a suggestion form at this LINK and we can look into this. If it is a background color that you want to change you can look into the html code find the color you want to change and replace it with one of your own liking.

To answer your other question about creating a new section for warranty and return info the answer is yes. The best way is to save your template the way you would like then when you go to use it in your listing you can simply type that info into the description area on the lister page.
To modify an existing template as Brent mentions above, just go to the Listing tab, then click on "Manage" in the Custom Templates area, and then click on "Create from Existing." this will open an area at the bottom of the page with a list of all our existing templates. Find the one you want to modify and click on it, then click the "Create" button next to the list. You can then modify the HTML and save it as a custom template! Hope that helps.

-- Auctiva David
Hi--I'm really new and just trying to see if Auctiva will work for me--thanks for your patience. I'd like to be able to add a business logo to my actions. Does this mean I'd be able to take one of your pre-made auction templates and customize it with my business logo at the top? Would I have to do the logo with HTML (which I'm clueless about) or could I make the logo into a picture in powerpoint and use that? Like I said--I'm not very tech savy, but I'm trying to learn as quickly as I can. Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi Jan,

You have several options here. The easiest would be to upload your business logo like you would your regular auction images at .. then when you are creating your listing, you can click on the little image icon next to "UserLinks" in the lower-right-hand corner of the description editor's tool bar. Select your business logo from the popup window and you can drop it at the top of your auction description.

Let me know if you have any further questions and welcome to Auctiva Smile

-- Auctiva David
Hi silverstringsart! Welcome aboard.

Yes, you may customize one/all of our premade templates. You could take a template like, lets say, "Liquid Blue".
1. Locate the image at the top in the code. Save that image to your computer.

2. Open a photo editing tool. Place in your logo where you feel it is appropriate ( you could even make the image a bit larger, both vertically and Horizontally, if you like).

3. Save the image back to your images folder at Auctiva.

4. Go to the "Manage" link under the Custom Template area on the "Listing" landing page (look towards bottom of the page). On this page you will notice a link "Create from Exsisting" button, click that button and a drop down menu will appear a little lower on the page where you can choose one of Auctiva's templates to customize. When you find the one you want to customize click on it and select "Create".

5. This will take you to the page where you can edit the code. You could then find the header image and replace it with the image you created. Name the template something you can remember and save it.

hopefully this wasn't to confusing and of some help. Give it a shot, you really can't mess things up! Let us know how it goes.

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