Custom form number is not a tracking number?

Yes, you are right. Consider the following case:

An international buyer pay via Paypal, I ship via USPS Airmail parcel post with USPS insurance. Later on it turns out that the buyer is a scammer, he files a claim on Paypal. I guess I will lost the money in Paypal. Am I right? Thanks.
Yeah, as far as PayPal is concerned there's no proof that the buyer received the package. And since there really isn't any proof of delivery how do you know the buyer is a scammer?

If the package was insured with the USPS, though, you should be able to get your money back, I'd think.
friendsforyears, I can't believe it! I didn't believe you at first, then I tried it. It does tell you the delivery country, plus date & time delivered!! I tried it on a package that went to Canada, and a package that went to Netherlands. It worked for both!
Some do work, but some don't. Try this one: CP086569556US. I dropped it off on early Feb 2007, and I am living in Georgia. The tracking information said "Acceptance, November 27, 2006, 5:39 pm, WHEATON, IL 60187". What the hell is that?
Thank you for your information! I thought it was lost and I am going to file a claim.

However, I dropped it off on early Feb 2007 in Georgia. It seems the records before Feb does not belong to my package. They mixed up the information of different package?
The Customs # will sometimes work but it's not a provided service and there's no guarantee there will be any info at all. But it's always worth a try.

Another thing to try is to enter the Customs # into the receiving country's postal website -- that'll sometimes get you some information as well.

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