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I am testing a template out. I need help is there any other custom image tags besides 400x300 and thumbnail size, also is there a way to edit a tempalte before it goes live?

For instance is the template, disregard how messy it is, its just a test, I need to figure out a way to edit that table before the template goes live but there is no option to edit prior to upload.

Lastly, where do I input terms and conditions etc. so they come through on the template.
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Besides the Thumb and the Standard (400x300), Auctiva stores the Original image at a maximum of 1024 x 768. The original file name ends with _o and is what you're currently using on that listing.

The table fill-in problem is a common one (espeically among the clothing folks). In order to fill-in tables, you generally remove them from the template and place the table in the description edit box in the one-page lister. Yes, I know that's a little clunky. The only other possibility is using a script in the template and entering the info in the description using a comment. That works, but obviously only for script enabled browsers (too many now browse eBay with scripting disabled due to the site bugs and script load). This is a problem that begs a better solution, i.e. something similar to Item Specifics creation.


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