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I have a custom Template that I am trying to do and I do not know html etc. it is a template I use on ebay from someone and I would like to continue to use the templates. I read the instructions on how to do it but I am not getting it right. If someone can show me how to do this one, what to remove and where to put in everything I can then do all my other ones. If I can't use my templates then I might as well use the turbo lister I have. Here is a practice writer where it is. and another link is, I dont know which one you need. I am hoping someone can help with this as I really want to try this program! Thanks
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Hi gemsofbrazil,

In order to use a template that you purchased off eBay when you create listings through Auctiva, you should just need to save that template in your Auctiva account using the interface you can reach by mousing over the "Listings" tab and selecting the "Create New Option" under "Custom Templates" and apply the appropriate Auctiva template tags.

Once you have pasted the template code into the HTML version of the template editor, you will want to switch over to Standard mode in the editor and then use the links in the "Custom Template Tags" menu to the left of the editor to add the tags that indicate where certain things entered on the Auctiva lister page will be placed within the template.

In the case of your template, the only tags that need to be added are ones to tell our system where the description and images are to be placed when the template is used.

I was not able to determine exactly how you want your images to be set up within the template based on the links you provided because there are just two broken image links – one above the description heading and one below it. Therefore, I created 2 mock ups from this template code in your account called “Custom Template MOCKUP 1” and “Custom Template MOCKUP 2” respectively.

In the one called “Custom Template MOCKUP 1”, the description will appear at the top of the listing and the images will all appear below the description. In the one called “Custom Template MOCKUP 2”, the first image will appear above the description and the rest of the images you add will appear below it.

When you are creating a listing through Auctiva and you would like to select one of these templates, you will just need to choose “Custom” from the Category menu on the “Select a Template” interface, and you should see the option to choose either of these templates for the listing.

Hopefully one of these designs achieves what you are going for. If you need any further assistance with this, please feel free to contact our customer support team using the form on the following page of our site:


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