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Hi all, I have searched this forum for a definative answer to my query, but cannot find one (most replies are individual). Hence this new post.

I have created a custom HTML listing template but it will not save to my listing? I have used the revelant Auctiva HTML tags (description and images). The template shows up fine in the preview section of the 'add template' option. However, when I click the 'save template to listing' link, nothing happens (i.e. It does not save it).

I have pasted the the template to The link is:

Any help would be appreciated.
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I think I see the problem. You need to use either a [DESCRIPTION] or [DESCRIPTION_AND_IMAGES] tag to have a valid template. Since you are placing your images yourself, the [DESCRIPTION] tag would be best. From the "view" of the template, I'm guessing you want it directly under the word Description.

That tag takes the text and/or HTML from the one-page lister description box and pastes it to that location in the template, when building a new listing.


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