I'm trying to move my listing capabilities from Spare Dollar to Auctive. My custom template at SD is loaded with html referencing Spare Dollar, and I'm afraid if I mess with it I'll take too much out. It's on the practice board at http://www.practiceboard.com/?2431518
(Although I got this from their warehouse,it's linkware and I have permission from the designer to move it here as long as I leave her link at the bottom.)
Thanks for any help you can give me; sorry to be so unknowledgeable!
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Just a heads up on the template from the SD warehouse . . .

I know you have permission from the designer but you will need to save the images in the template that are hosted on SD to your own space.

The designer gave you permission but SD did not, to use their image space without being a member Wink


This image is currently hosted on SD you need to save it to your own space and change your template accordingly.

Hope that made sense!

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