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I'm after a bit of help from one of the experts, or, in fact, anybody with any HTML knowledge, as I have none.
I had a couple of custom templates made up and they are really wide.
so you have to scroll down and across to centre the page to look at the listing, because of the catagories navigation bar on the left.

Auctiva's Templates don't do this!

I tried adding one of my templates to the Auctiva Custom Template, (so it's easier for me to add images via Auctiva) but am still having the same problem with the width.
Finally, Smile
My question is where do i look to narrow the tempate down?
I am happy to share or send the HTML to someone to have a look

here is an example of one of my listings.

If someone can help, please reply in simple to understand terms, as I said zero HTML knowledge.
thanks in advance!
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The top banner/image "aussie babes" is 950 pixels wide. That is causing the template with its borders and the Store Category box (left rail) to push the page wide at even 1152 x 864 monitor setting and is resulting in a bottom scrollbar. You might for a test try setting that image to 800 - 850 pixels range for some preview tests to see how narrow it can go and still have a good look to the design.

Hi Danno
I managed to resize the photo on Auctiva, but then i don't know where to add the code. It's been a bit hit and miss and so far all i've gotten is the X in a box, so obviously adding it to the wrong spot. A little help would be great, as I said zero HTML knowledge but willing to learn.
I have tried replacing"
with the resized picture URL from Auctiva.
Please tell me where I'm getting it wrong?
Kind regards

You can actually use HTML to resize the picture without having to create resized versions for test.

Locate this statement in the code:

<IMG src="" width=950 height=204>

Remove the height=204 and change width=950 to width=850 to test the picture at that width, so the statement becomes this...

<IMG src="" width=850>

Removing height and adjusting width will cause a resize without stretching/changing aspect ratio of the picture.

If 850 isn't small enough, try smaller. The scrollbar at bottom should give you clues if you're getting close. Set your monitor to 1024 x 768 resolution, so you'll know if your getting the scrollbar at that minimum setting for final checks on revised listing.


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