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I need some help if anyone is willing. I have a store on eBay and I had a lady make me a storefront and she also did me a template. She sent me the template and I would like to upload it so I can use it through auctiva but I am so not computer literate. Can anyone help me with this. Here is the link to the practice board where she posted it.

What do I need to do with it t get it loaded so that I can still use it like the preloaded auctiva templates. I already have all my terms and stuff set and I wanted to use them but I am lost.

Hi Susan,

I took the template and replaced the title, vertical two images, description, payment, and shipping with Auctiva tags.

In selecting the images replacement tag, I chose the Auctiva [IMGS_VERTICAL] tag. That tag allows up to 24 images for more flexibility than just 2. Also, that tag allows for the Supersize capability on the images. Hope that suggestion is appropriate.

Here's the code at practicewriter.


I'am a complete newbie to auctiva and custom templates. Althought not to ebay. I'am looking at making a custom template for selling Computer systems on ebay (don't laught i can build them).
I don't know if its just me but i don't see anything when i try the links to practice board (no templates showing) what am i doing wrong ?


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