I sold an item and promptly printed shipping label as soon as he deposited pmt in PayPal. Then 2 hours later an email shows up in E bay with a different address to be shipped to. Is there a way to cancel the original label, print a new one with out being charged again?
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You can but should NOT cancel the label. You are required to ship to the address on file...and that is the address on the label. Your buyer cannot just tell you to ship to a different address.
They would have had to change their address in PayPal prior to paying.

If you do decide to ship to the other address the buyer can file an INR (item not received) dispute and win and you can/will lose your item and your money.
May be too late, but I would drop that thing at post office like a hot potato. Like Trinkets said...paypal SHIP TO is where it needs to go.

Hate it has become a you can't trust some people world...but...protect yourself.

IF you decide to re-do label (I think you only have 48 hours to cancel if it is ebay, auctiva time I don't know. OR, perhaps you want to you could refund buyer, and have them repay you with correct address in SHIP TO area of paypal which they can change to another as needed. IF I use this method in order to expedite I sometimes call them if in US just to speed process up as not everyone checks email daily.
Thanks, I went ahead and shipped to the address the buyer had listed on eBay and it worked out fine. Sure glad I asked first.

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