I can't seem to get only one image to show up in the description. I only want one image to be above the description but it always shows multiple images in the preview.

I just want one center picture, but I can't seem to get it that way. Any ideas?
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Hi hbkshin,

Thanks for posting your question here. I reviewed the behavior you are encountering with this custom template and was able to confirm it is occurring due to a known issue impacting custom templates which we hope to be able to resolve with a future update to our site.

I am uncertain when we will be able to resolve the issue at the moment, but I will follow up with you again through this thread when the issue has been resolved or any other related information becomes available.

For the time being, this issue should be very easy to work around though. As long as you only place one image in the Auctiva Image Selection section of the lister page when creating your items which use this template, only that one image should show up within the template when previewed and posted.

We apologize for any inconveniences this may be causing.


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