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I have a support case open for this problem... You can no longer cut and paste between Work (even using the paste from Word button).

If you cut and paste within you own description of from one of you older listing you will loose your original formatting...IE test style, style and color... Help desk advised that this is not unusual and did not work in the past?????

Why the buttons and what on Earth have I been doing for the last 5 years???

I do not like the current updates as they have not been tested and have not kept all of the original features that the site offered.. The ones I have been using for many years...

I am sure others are hair pulling since these updates...
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Hi Blackwidow,

Thanks for contributing to our forum.

Although we did release a new version of the description editor relatively recently, the previous version of the description editor also stripped out the formatting code from preformatted text that is pasted into the editor from MS Word, so that behavior is not particularly new in the grand scheme of things.

However, it appears that an even older version of the description editor, which we have been working to phase out for quite some time, was still enabled in your account until you recently opted to enable the new editor (called the “Design Editor 2.0”) to get around the compatibility issues between the older editor you were using and more recent versions of Internet Explorer.

That older version of the editor was able to retain MS Word formatting, but none of the more recent versions of the description editor which have been available since we began phasing that one out several years ago (including the current one) have been able to do so.

I am not aware of any current plans to update the current version of the description editor to retain MS Word formatting associated with copied text that is being pasted into the editor, but I have shared your feedback in this regard with our Product team as a suggestion for future consideration.

Unfortunately, for the time being, the only way to be able to paste text into the description editor without the your formatting being removed would be to ensure your text does not use the special formatting code that is generated by MS Word.

I regret that I cannot offer you more encouraging news on this topic, but we appreciate the feedback nonetheless.


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