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Where you there the first time Wagglepop POPPED and abandoned sellers? Then lied when they said they destroyed all data but then emailed everyone about the relaunched.

Wagglepop's Bubble Bursts Leaving Online Auction Sellers in the Lurch

Wagglepop CEO Sticks Fork in Site: It's Done

R.I.P wagglepop..

Wagglepop Closes - Officially

WagglePop Reopening
"I received an email from Raymond Romeo this morning saying
he is relaunching Wagglepop. Along with this site, I searched
other auction discussion groups and could find no postings
about this interesting news.

When Romeo shut down WP last year, he claimed to have
destroyed all personal information from his data base.
Apparently my email survived the carnage. ",12704660~days=9999~start=20

Some people don't want to bend over and get POPPED again.

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